Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue Moon, Blue ME

I had every intention of redesigning my blog space for the new year. I had a quote all picked out. I was thinking of a word to inspire me in 2010. Patience was the one that kept coming back to me.

Patience! Ha!

My computer has been acting up. I've tried two new batteries, talked to people in India who tell me the computer is not registered to me (something I already knew), changed the power adapter, and still got a big black screen with a warning that said something like,

"I'm dying."

In my mind it was like the Wicked Witch melting after Dorothy through water on her.

I went to bed - the only place to deal with the kind of serious frustration and anger and, yes, depression brought on by the loss of my dear friend. I know it is unreasonable to be so insanely angry, or to cry my eyes out over a piece of hardware. It says to me, perhaps the universe knew what my word should be before I did.

Patience. I'll try. I'm not very good at it.

Happy New Year!
Merry ME
(from my father's computer)

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terri st. cloud said...

hey, lady...i've been gone. so i haven't had a chance to catch up reading. i did see you mention the loss of a dear friend. not sure if you blogged of that or not. had to comment.

i'm thinking maybe the computer frustrations helped you cry a bit over all of it. which is a good thing.

it's so hard to lose people.
just wanted you to know i was sorry....