Friday, November 20, 2009

Gratitude - Day 20, Addendum

Another quick thank you goes out to Miss Molly of Molly Blogs. (See comment below).

I'm grateful for the hearty chuckle she gave me. Here I am fussing and fuming about our now clean but spotted house. It's spotted because several layers of paint have been removed, along with the dirt, grime and mildew. A certain someone in the house, who will remain nameless but who is quick to point out it is "HIS" house and "HIS" checkbook that pays the bills, only wants to re-paint the front of the house. Because, and I quote "the paint is only for aesthetics - not structural purposes. No one sees the back besides us, so why paint it?"

One reason I've stayed inside sleeping is because I can't bear to go out and see this yellow and white eyesore. However, after reading Molly's comment about the pink house with the purple door, I'm thinking maybe polka dots aren't so bad. We can start on the back of the house where no one will see it! How fun! Great idea, Molly!

Ooh! Ooh! I just had another idea. Maybe we could paint it with blackboard paint and get big pieces of sidewalk chalk and color to our hearts content. The rain would keep the walls cleaned off, so there is no telling what masterpieces we could create.

And even if we leave the back unpainted. I want a purple door.

Thanks Molly! You win the prize for making Merry Me smile!

Wishing for each of you, a box of colored chalk and a big ol' sidewalk (or house) to decorate.


Laura Paine Carr said...

My vote is for the blackboard paint for the back of the house, at least 6 feet up! Oh what fun! And I can imagine that the Grizzley will come out of the quilt cave and draw giant spirals and labyrinths and hippie flowers! Oh, this is going to be so fun!

PS: I love your writing!

Molly said...

i think laughter is the gift that keeps on giving. your addendum made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

And I love your writing, too! lg