Friday, November 6, 2009

Gratitude - Day 6

"Your friends and family will know
you really took some extra time
out of your day to think about them
and will feel special and appreciated."

Today I'm grateful for my blog friend Sorrow. I love going to her blog and seeing what she's made, or reading what's in her heart. Like most of the other bloggers I've come to know on a more personal level, Sorrow is the kind of person I strive to be ... artistic, kind, passionate, knowing, smart, funny, and yes, I'll say it, sensitive!

After exchanging blog comments, we moved to email. Then like a breath of fresh Spring air blowing through the window after a long cold winter, Sorrow asked for my address saying she enjoyed sending snail mail. Pitter patter went my heart. I knew I'd found a kindred spirit - or she found me.

In a world with way too many forms of instant communication for my taste, I am thrilled to discover the mailman has dropped a postcard through the slot in the front door. Sorrow has reminded me how delightful it can be to send and receive postcards. In fact I'm tempted to go rooting through one of the closets to find the box of postcards I've saved over the years.

When my then husband would go on cruise he was a loyal and dedicated postcard sender. The kids were small and enjoyed getting mail from Daddy. It soon became a family tradition that continues when any of us are on vacation. Sorrow sends postcards on any occasion. How cool is that?

Yesterday I got this card which is right in line with my gratitude theme so I share it with you.

Today I'm also feeling grateful for the discovery of a delicious new sandwich. A place called the MidTown Diner has become one of our regular Friday lunch spots. The menu sandwich and salad menu is pretty varied, and most of the food is prepared on the spot. Thinking it sounded kind of homey I ordered a Sloppy Pot Roast. It kind of implies something covered tomato sauce, onions and peppers but in reality was nothing more than slow-cooked pot roast slathered in gravy and slapped on a fresh and crispy hoagie roll. Oh my goodness, it was heaven on a bun.

I'm pleased to tell you I had no trouble finding things to be grateful for today. This is a good thing.

Wishing for you a short, sweet surprise in your mailbox, and a yummy sandwich on which to dine,

Merry ME


Sorrow said...

Sensitive? _____ugh.
You are such a bright spot, I am enjoying reading these grateful posts of yours...
though sometimes i have no idea how to respond to them.
Gratitude is such a personnel thing, sometimes. I mean I would truly give away my daftness if I said today I was grateful for a nap with my sick baby??
Does any one know the pleasure of having a 10 year old sleep in your arms when they are ill? That she could sleep for 2 hours with out coughing..
And adding to that
I am grateful for you, and your kind words, even if they make me cringe...
sounds like soap... ~grinning~

Molly said...

Gus here. I'm grateful that I can reach the counter.

Seriously - I'm enjoying your posts. It makes me think about what I have to be grateful for even in the midst of overwhelming change at work. And as to the vet bill you mentioned: my last bill equaled the cost of one of the dogs. I know how you feel. So worth it to keep having that little furry presence though...

terri st. cloud said...

gratitude for sorrow! yay! i second that!!! there's something deeper in your life when she's part of it...
great post, ms. merry!